Shannon Flaherty headshot

Flaherty Director of Research,
Data and Analytics

Meet Shannon

Shannon can see the question that hasn’t been asked, and then finds the answer everyone was looking for.


Shannon has a knack for taking huge amounts of data and making it easy to understand. As director of research and information systems, she delivers detailed industry reports, company backgrounds, competitive analysis, and whatever other information is needed to better inform an investment decision. She is also responsible for managing the firm’s vast database system, keeping information organized, accessible, and technologically up-to-date. Shannon is a key member of the ABS Capital technology team, ensuring all information systems and cyber defenses are robust.


Prior to joining ABS Capital, Shannon led the Workflow, Information, and Processes team for Circular Energy. She has also worked as a knowledge management consultant for Tokyo Electron U.S. Holdings, Inc.


  • Baylor University
  • The University of Texas at Austin
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