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No two companies are the same. So, our investments can take many shapes and forms.

Whether it is two weeks or two years, when we learn:

About a great growth company or a talented founder or executive — we build relationships and listen to ensure we understand how our expertise and capital might help you to realize your vision.

When we have conviction about your big opportunity:

We quickly get to working on our diligence. Chances are that we have invested in your industry many times, so we rarely start from scratch. With a dedicated research team, we can go deeper to get competitive insights and uncover industry trends. As we do our work, we will be mindful with our requests and open about any concerns.

Every week:

We will talk — internally and with you. We don’t have an investment committee. Instead, we share the opportunities and challenges we see for your company every week with our partners. If it becomes clear that we would not be a fit, we will tell you immediately. When we talk to you about what a proposed investment would look like, we do so with the support of our firm.

Moving forward together:

As we work through a term sheet, we will ask you to come in and meet more of our team. After signing, we will begin our confirmatory diligence to better understand your management team, your growth assumptions, your business model, and where we can have immediate impact. We will share everything we learn in our process with you. Before we close our investment, we will have already started helping you to seize opportunities and mitigate obstacles. And, here we grow.

No two companies are the same. So, our investments can take many shapes.

We tailor our approach based on what we think it will take to help your company reach the next level.

In an industry filled with jargon, complex processes, and often multiple layers of decision makers, we promise to respect your time and clearly communicate with you so you will always know where you stand with us.

We choose our companies carefully — just as they choose us. Whether we end up working together or not, know that we have the deepest appreciation for the hard work it takes to get to where you are today.

We have run growth companies.

We have invested in them and advised them. We are experienced, and we are inspiring. But we are not you, and your company is not ours. We recognize and respect what it takes to build a company from scratch. We like to work with companies that are already working well — amplifying and accelerating their growth. Our purpose is to help founders and CEOs do what they always envisioned — and knew — they could do.

Paul Doman, CEO of Accurate Group, describes what it is like to partner with ABS Capital.
Paul Doman, CEO of the Accurate Group, describes what it is like to partner with ABS Capital

Many of us are former C-level executives, and we have faced many of the growth challenges faced by the growing companies with which we partner.

And while we do have expertise in health care and business technology, our laser focus is on later stage growth. Everything we recommend and everyone we involve contributes to building the strength and enduring value that makes good companies great. And with the right guidance and the right team in place, the path to excellence becomes clear.

Chris Brandt, Founder and CEO of Audacious Inquiry, discusses the value of the ABS network and expertise.
Chris Brandt, Founder and CEO of Audacious Inquiry

We work best when we work with founders and CEOs that we get to know well, whether that takes place in a month or in a year.

Once we’ve decided to work together, there is no mystery about our process. We work transparently, and you will always know where you stand. We focus on structuring a partnership that’s best for the growth of the company. Our goal is always to do whatever unleashes the most potential. This, to us, is always the best measure of success.

How We Work

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