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ConnectYourCare is revolutionizing the connection between health and wealth with its comprehensive solution for managing consumer-directed health care and benefit accounts, including health care savings accounts. Leveraging proprietary, cloud-based technology and a modern, intelligent platform as its foundation, ConnectYourCare offers employers and employee participants significant value through intuitive account management and outcome-based workflows and tools.

The Full Story

In 2012, ABS Capital engaged with ConnectYourCare’s management team to buy out their business from their corporate parent, ExpressScripts. ABS Capital quickly began re-establishing the Company as a stand-alone entity, helping to provide the necessary people, processes, and infrastructure to capitalize on the significant and rapid growth in consumer-directed health care.

Learn more about ConnectYourCare directly from CEO Steve Greico and ABS Capital General Partner, Cal Wheaton.
CEO Steve Greico and ABS Capital General Partner, Cal Wheaton

Together we accelerated growth

Company’s Strategy for Growth
  • Established new revenue channels with addition on broker and distributor market offerings
  • Purposefully built a management team capable of executing high growth and managing a complex technology and services organization
  • Created a customer service and client experience organization; instilling confidence in clients for these crucial tax-advantaged savings accounts
  • Achieved and built organization to support non-bank trustee designation (NBT), enabling the Company to monetize assets managed within customers’ health savings accounts
  • Launched new proprietary offerings and roll-out enhanced versions of existing products
  • Proved out yield-garnering strategies in a zero-interest rate environment
ABS Capital’s Role
  • Introduced new CFO with public company experience, new general counsel, and two independent board members
  • Provided guidance, options, and made introductions to consultants around sales strategy, call center optimization, technology organization, and M&A opportunities
  • Introduced and facilitated discussions with significant new clients
  • Established commercial and strategic banking relationships
  • Helped restructure and expand credit line to support NBT launch



New CFO, Reese Feuerman, joined team


Added Jim Simmons and Peter Hotz to the board


Transitioned call center to a new service model


Achieved 30% topline growth


Launched broker-focused self-service technology


Granted key patent for unique participant tool


Received Non-Bank Trustee (NBT) designation


Mike Wright joins as Chief Sales Officer


Launching new marquee customers on NBT platform


Successful first year utilizing NBT platform


Acquired by a Fortune 25 Company

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