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ABS Capital Portfolio Company Whitney University System Signs Agreement with Organization of American States

MIAMI—Miami-based Whitney University System has been selected by the Organization of American States’ Virtual Educa to serve as the leading provider and strategic partner in the design, development, deployment and management of the OAS’ Virtual C@mpus of the Americas.

An outcome of the XI International Virtual Educa Ministerial Meeting in the Dominican Republic, the Virtual C@mpus of the Americas will provide virtual spaces for dialogue and training for universities, facilitate the convergence of traditional presential education with distance learning, and promote the development of performance indicators that will enable effective quality measurements for online higher education in the Americas. Additionally, it will offer university certificates and virtual postgraduate specializations in topics the OAS considers strategic, such as Administration, Science and Technology, Competitiveness, Culture, Defense and Security, Education, and technical-vocational training.

“The Virtual C@mpus of the Americas is a project we proposed some years back at the OAS. It needed an innovative strategic partner with the capabilities and technological expertise in this area that could allow us to make it a reality, and Whitney is that strategic partner,” said Jose Maria Anton, general secretary of Virtual Educa. “This alliance will benefit all of us in the Americas.”

Whitney will collaborate with Virtual Educa to expand access to affordable quality virtual education in the Americas by working with OAS partners and the Ilumno Network, which is composed of ten higher education institutions in eight Latin American countries.
“The transformation and expansion of affordable quality higher education is totally aligned with our vision at Whitney and our Ilumno Network,” said Pete Pizarro, president of Whitney University System and executive director of the Ilumno Network. “We commend our heads of state and ministers in the Americas who like us, recognize that education has a direct impact in promoting social mobility. We are committed to expanding access to affordable quality higher education in the region.”

The agreement was signed by María Fernanda Campo Saavedra, Minister of Education of Colombia, Pizarro and Anton, during the XIV International Virtual Educa Ministerial Meeting in Medellin, Colombia.